Thursday, July 13, 2006

Those people are so fucked up.

Victor Taran, a deputy from Yulya's bloc, fired from a rubber-bullet gun into the air last night to chase Valeriy Bondik, a deputy from the Party of the Regions, away from a BYuT tent.

This ain't Maidan, obviously.


About 50 Yanukovych tents by the Rada and 30 or so Yulya tents by the Cabinet of Ministers: if I had stayed at Besarabka, we wouldn't have a place to go for walks now.

Some 50 Pora and 20 Yulia tents at Maidan.


The March 26 election was pronounced free and fair and all - and I don't see how a new round of voting would help them fix things. Well, maybe if they follow it up with a couple more elections - then most parties would run out of money and only one would remain. That would be cute, I guess.

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