Wednesday, July 05, 2006

There were so many people here last Wednesday, for the Constitution Day, people and their cars, and then there was the weekend, but the weather, thankfully, wasn't too hot, so there were few people, and now it's hot again, and guess what - the garbage containers by the lake have been full and overflowing all this time and no one has bothered to come over and take them away. It's been over one week now.

I've called the Obolon regional administration and the city administration, have been redirected from one phone number to another, and sometimes a fax machine is turned on, and sometimes they aren't picking up the phone, and I've been almost yelled at once, and the same woman then spoke to me in this totally incomprehensible bureaucratic language, not sure if it was Russian or Ukrainian, not even sure what department she worked for, except for it must have been something pretty high up and I was sent there by mistake.

Anyway, it's impossible to walk in the forest now and it's not a nice place to have a picnic anymore - and even though I'm very lucky to be allowed into the sanatorium, the stench will reach there eventually, too.

Fucking pigs.

I've given the phone numbers to the neighbor - let her bother the bureacrats, too.

More on this later, maybe.

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