Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mishah, currently in Moscow, is following the meaningless drama taking place in the parliament; I'm not, or not really, not enough to say anything about it.

Here're notes he's left in the comments section:

meanwhile there's a real time thriller going on in the parliament now. after insidious fuck moroz refused to vote for poroshenko despite the previous agreements the coalition practically ceased to exist. moroz decided to become a speaker himself. poroshenko withdrew. region's azarov won't get enough votes since moroz is running too. moroz will get about 20 votes unless regions decide to vote against their own guy. all of this is happening right now.

i guess it's a matter of hours when we see nu-regions coalition.


wow, now moroz is explaning his act as preventing his fellow party members from voting for region's azarov. meaning their votes were already bought by regions.

very much like judas, now from the gospel of judas...

Funny how I can't make myself read the papers or even turn the TV on (we don't have Channel 5 here, believe it or not), but I find Mishah's digest totally digestible. Very interesting, even. It's like hearing a familiar voice or seeing a familiar face for Marta - pleasing.

I should figure out how to set up an account for Mishah, so that he could post on politics whenever he feels like it, in the body, not in the comments.


  1. One thing the Orange Revolution reminded me is that politics isn't just old men parading through congress. It's anything anyone cares about, and what they do to make it happen.

    Just by writing things in your blog, your creating issues, and they're getting international exposure. I'm more interested in what I read here than in the newspaper.

    A clever man once said to me "Mozhesh ne zanimat'sa politikoi-- a politika budet zanimat'sa vami."