Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The mess inside the parliament has poured out into the street, and I sort of regret missing it all - regret not being able to take pictures. Otherwise, I'm doing wonderfully where I am - and I couldn't care less about this fight over the chairs for their fat asses. If they decide to do a new election, I'll finally vote against all - and won't feel guilty afterwards. Though I hope it won't come to that, I hope they'll sort it out without wasting all this money and paper again.


  1. Against all? Even if you won, what would that accomplish? Seems like voting for 'Pora' was a more effective way to send a message.

  2. Pora are good at organization, but has anyone got any idea of their ability to govern? I don't. Would they be on the ballot, even?

    "Against all" is, to my mind, a perfect message to send to these mercenary egomaniacs.

  3. The content of the message is what's needed, but would they listen? I have trouble seeing them change their tune because people hate it, and I'm also unable to visualize the consequences of them not listening to a message. If "against all" by some miracle won the election, and it was declared invalid, then what? Hold another election, and this time vote them in? It seems like you've got nowhere to go but the parties you have.

    The traditional alternative is to stage a revolution (bless you all). The feeling I get from over here is that the masses aren't up to another one just yet. And if there was one-- who would you revolve to?