Friday, July 21, 2006

Fuck politics.

I walked around Gorenka today, a village next to Pushcha Vodytsya. Felt like I'm in Turkey, very foreign and very curious. Took some pictures, but am not gonna bother posting most of them: my internet is too slow.

It was fun and crazy to realize that the local language here isn't Turkish, that it's a mix of Russian and Ukrainian, and I actually know it. (A very hot day today, too, and I never wear hats.) I stopped and chatted with one woman about her goats, asked another one for directions and had a few more tiny interactions. The local people are very friendly.

Only once did it all feel familiar: I was walking down a narrow path behind the houses, and all the green things around me were totally amazing, hard to tell which of them were growing by themselves and which were grown by the villagers, magnificent, and not a single person around. It gave me a flashback to the months spent in a village as a child.

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