Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A dear friend of mine wrote she was so nervous yesterday, she almost ate her TV set.

This line in her email looked especially cute next to her signature line: head of the department at a bank.


Mishah's brother cried when he called Mishah yesterday.


Mishah has forwarded me a post from a fan forum, by someone from Crimea - here's my loose translation:

HAPPY VICTORY! I've no words... I was as happy (well, not as happy :)) in 1975 and 1986 (and it had nothing to do with our team):).

P.S. Even I was pleasantly surprised by the attitude toward our team in our small town (Yevpatoria), where almost everyone who moved toward or next to us were yelling "Ukraine the champion!" I was even more surprised by the cars and all driving by at ONE o'clock at night with UKRAINIAN flags and yelling "Ukraine the champion!"...

And this is Crimea :)))


"Our whole country wants to see Blokhin with his head shaved!" - that was one of the banners at the game yesterday, referring to the promise our couch, Oleg Blokhin, made - to shave all his hair off if Ukraine wins the World Cup.


  1. I was watching with my 93 y.o. grandma. Although she was falling asleep and waking up all the time, she pretty much kept up with the game, though, sometime towards the end of the 2nd half she asked who was playing. At some point, when Blokhin was on the screen, she wondered if he was playing as well. Then when it all was over, she said it was Ukraine's 4th game. She once was an accountant.

  2. Here in Germany everybody likes to comment that it was not a good game. I saw it: It was fast, every ball was hit strong by Suisse players and Ukrainians. They gave everything. Did I see a wrong game today? Brasilia vs. Ghana. That was slow compared with yesterday.