Saturday, July 01, 2006


How terribly painful.

And Marta's been crying through it all, screaming almost non-stop. Maybe another tooth on its way.

It's midnight and I still have to do something for Global Voices.

Marta's watching me type, but as soon as I try to lay her down, she cries.

Oh God.


  1. But was it in any way "a shameful game"? (I didn't watch).

  2. it was an easy game for Ukrainians to miss a few opportunities to hit the goal and for Italians - to make two last goals (on the flat spot). Despite of everything, I liked the game, and anyway in any game there are always winners and good players. Ukrainians were just good players ;)

  3. I can't remember when I was that young....maybe new teeth pushing through her gums scares her. I just don't know!

  4. Ukraine: First final round ever reached. The only Eastern European team that made it to the finals. Didn't made the 1:1 draw when it was possible.
    Great performance. That's all.

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  6. Hi,
    everytime i visit your blog,I can't figure out which post is which, I mean therea are not titles,is there a reason?

  7. eyad

    i hate writing headlines, for no reason

    sorry and thank you for attempting to read me


  8. That's awful - I've been through that with my own, when I was trying to write an essay for may Masters desgree, and I was so tired that my eyes felt like they were full of little needles. I hope you got your piece done and that you've had a good night's sleep.