Monday, May 08, 2006

A typical morning in our backyard: some guys are sleeping off their hangover at the kids' playground. It's always been like this, though some years are worse than others.


  1. "dorosli dity" - grown up kids ;)

  2. I'll never forget one morning in my dormitory in Riga as an international student: I entered our kitchen and there was a russian young man sitting at our kitchen table, leaning over and sleeping. he stank horribly and was clearly hung over.

    it was such an awkward feeling: i didnt want him to be in our kitchen, my kitchen. i didnt know who had let him in and was angry.
    the supervision lady of the dorm (i dont remember the russian word) later kicked him out yelling quite a lot at him.

    i really felt puzzled and unwell to have such a bloke in my kitchen and if the playgrounds arent safe because of them... i feel really sorry.