Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This one's hilarious: a sign for the Ukrainian Psychoanalysis Association/International Institute of Depth Psychology on the left - and a sticker of Natalya Vitrenko's People's Opposition Bloc on the right. Nice neighbors. Weird.

I don't feel like explaining who Vitrenko is to those who don't know. Some photos from a November 2005 rally of hers are here, though.

(God, I can't believe I was pregnant then, and Marta wasn't here yet, and it was just ten days before she arrived...)

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  1. How to explain who the hack Vitrienka is? Hey, Neeka, remember that recent local joke:

    «If Vitrienko could take aLL voices speaking in her head, she'd probably reach 3% threshold in upcoming elections»..

    Oh, but still some local specific: voice=vote in ukr. :=)