Monday, March 27, 2006

That they won't get into the parliament was one of the main arguments against Pora-PRP: why waste your vote on someone who's not gonna win? I've heard this from many people - and, who knows, maybe these people's missing votes would prove crucial for the bloc.

I did have my doubts, but couldn't bring myself to vote for Yulia or Yushchenko - because of their ugly breakup back in September, mainly. They are both responsible, I think: I used the 'husband and wife' analogy for my mama, too - it's not the husband's fault alone, it's her fault, too, because she should've known better before agreeing to marry him.

And today I was reminded of Vyacheslav Chornovil - it was seven years since his death on Saturday. We used to vote for him in the early 1990s, knowing full well that he wasn't going to win. Our vote was a way of thanking him, I guess, for being the man without whom Ukraine would've been a totally different place (more like today's Belarus, I'm afraid). I don't regret voting for him then - despite what later became of Narodnyi Rukh, and even despite what his sons have turned into (still find it hard to believe, actually, that Taras Chornovil is such a piece of shit).

Same with Pora. Comparing them to Chornovil might appear sacrilegious (though again, nothing can be worse for Vyacheslav Chornovil's memory than what his son Taras has turned into) - but without them and their Maidan contribution, Ukraine would've been something else now. And this is why I don't regret my today's vote, whatever happens next.

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