Monday, March 20, 2006

STB's reporter thinks there're 10,000 people there now - down from 25,000 earlier tonight. Go figure. One of the chants reported: "Police with the people!"

Not many Ukrainians there - the reporter hasn't met anyone he knows.

(The reporter's name is 'Antin' something: sounds horrible. Do we really translate the name 'Anton'?..)


  1. Thanks for the news round up. Watching from Germany everythings looks so far away. But you put it in the right perspective.

  2. It's not that STB violantly translated the name "Anton", it's the guy who prefers the Ukrainian version of the name.

  3. oh no, i'm not accusing stb of anything - i just had no idea there was a ukrainian version of the name 'anton' :) i thought it was one of those names that didn't get translated - like 'veronica' - but it's like fyodor/fedir...