Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shufrych, Vitrenko, many others - I wish they had some faraway country of their own to run.

All this noise about the recount, it's disgusting. Maybe some of those who are demanding it are right, I don't know, but the bazaar they're making out of it is terrible. Where were they in 2004?

And I hate to see Pora/PRP's Kaskiv in that crowd - even though he's pretty much silent and even though Savik Shuster has asked him this question: how come you guys got 8-something percent for the Kyiv City Council and just 2.65% for Rada from the Kyiv voters? It's a good question.

They should all get themselves a separate country, make Savik Shuster their president and leave us alone. Or maybe I should just turn off the TV. The election's over.

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