Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A seemingly innocent request from Jahor Shumski, one of the Minsk protesters, gets these kinds of reactions (BEL, RUS):

shumski: Dear drivers! Please support our defiant spirit: honk as you pass Oktyabrskaya Square in the morning. This truly elevates our mood.

anysyst: It's risky... They can fine you, for "making noise within city limits." You should warn people about what they are getting themselves into.

shumski: In the evening, every second car is honking. Maybe it's time to stop being afraid of your own shadow?

arina_skripka: I agree! Almost everyone's being fined. In the evening, there are too many cars for the traffic police to figure out who was honking, but in the morning, they do it right away, no questions... Unjustified risk (imho)

pavietra: I'm ready to donate money for fines, if necessary!

kong_en_ge: There's no fine for it. Warning in the worst-case scenario - read the administrative violations codex.

finder_bel: A question: How to attach a blue ribbon to the car so that it's visible and doesn't contradict the driving rules?

kende_r: I've seen cars with ribbons on their antennas today.

I didn't read Ukrainian LJs in the fall of 2004, but it's still very hard to imagine such a discussion here at that time...

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