Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mishah's just voted in Darnytsia: too many ballots and names on them, bedlam at the polling station, long lines, older people sit and wait for their turn, no young people visible, middle-aged and affluent-looking people enter, look around and leave.

This may affect the results in ways no one's expecting.


Mishah's also reporting that some of the ads haven't been taken down, as the law prescribes, by Saturday morning. He saw this one for Yushchenko's Our Ukraine on Zhmachenka St. (the picture's from Instytutska St., taken on March 20, by me) - it imitates a paper with a picture of Yushchenko and Yekhanurov and this headline: "March 26 - the president's team is winning!"

And on Khreshchatyk they've replaced Our Ukraine's orange banners with plain orange ones... Here's a photo from yesterday:

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