Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I've posted 74 photos of various parties' campaign stuff taken during my walks with Marta in Kyiv's center in the past month or so.

There're way too many photos and there're some repetitions, but that reflects the reality wonderfully: wherever you look, there's something election-related, and they'll only come up with more in the next couple of weeks that remain before the March 26 vote.

Despite their efforts, I'm still sort of undecided: I'll probably vote for Vitali Klichko as city mayor and against them all in the parliamentary race. But I've got time to change my mind, still.

Oh, and if I do vote for Klichko, it'll be despite his hideous campaign poster:

I wish I could post notes and translations on all these photos, but I can't. Not now anyway. Some of them, later, I hope.


  1. Klichko looks like an ad for Hair Club for Men.

    By the way did you see the big Nat'l Geographic story on Ukraine this month? I haven't had time to read it myself, but saw the pictures, of course. Some very good ones in there. Hope they're online too.


  2. thank you.. for your great photos and commentary. You need three hands.. one for the camera, one for the pen, and one for Marta.