Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I don't feel like writing, but here's just one thing: I'm really tired of squeezing myself and Marta between cars parked on sidewalks. I take pictures of some of them now, to calm myself down.

The city's not ready for so many cars, and I don't really blame the drivers - even though I can't pretend I don't hate them. I wonder if the new mayor (Chernovetsky, most likely) is planning to do something about it.


  1. i dream of one of those mad max kind of knife-out-of-weel things )))

  2. just a historical reminiscense: if it were 80 years ago, on the last pic a tram could pass by; don't remember exact route that was covering Circular-University ST («Kruhlouniwersytec'ka», sorry) that days though.

    today i took a walk from the Cave subway («Peschers'ka», of course) to Arsenal'na -- every acre of land at the endlessly glorified Peschers'k is preciselly covered with asphalt, 30 meter wide lanes of Kutuzow's ST are w/o a sign of road-marks; and when you're trying to pass something like Old-Upon-A-Water ST (damned Statonawodnyc'ka) on foot.. i mean not pass it along but rather through, side to side, and you're walking, walking and walking, and still cannot reach a safe side-walk.. dunno'bout you, but i've hung my head..

    YEAH, at least schofernia should be punished, always and ever! blame'em, blame'em, indeed !!

  3. Hey Neeka,

    Here's a quote frmo RFE/RL that I thought your Mishah might appreciate vis-a-vis his comment that you posted below, problematizing the notion that Ukraine is divided along an East-West axis: "Ukraine now appears to be split not two ways geographically, as before, but three -- with the west voting for Yushchenko, the center for Tymoshenko, and the east for Yanukovych." As he said, you've got the proOrange center and west, and the dissenting East. Full article:

    Also, I have a Ukrainian-Canadian acquaintance who's lived in Kyiv off and on for years; he (Volodymyr Kish) writes a weekly column for Novyj Shlakh of Toronto, where he has more than once ranted and railed about cars parked on the sidewalks.

    I never thought much about the matter before, but you've provided a perspective that I can definitely appreciate: what a pain in the ass it would be indeed to go about with a stroller on car-clogged sidewalks!

  4. Pretty nice cars for an impoverished nation!

  5. I can only hope for your sake, Marta's and mine that Chernovetskiy won't apply his alleged previous methodology, i.e. thinning out the ranks of pedestrians.