Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How interesting: Lukashenko's inauguration has been postponed, but it's not clear till when. It was supposed to take place this coming Thursday, March 30 (via Gazeta.ru, in Russian). (Update: no, it was supposed to be Friday, March 31; don't know what got into me when I was writing that. Also, I've read that he appeared on TV later today and demanded that public officials remove his portraits from their offices - "a small photo would be enough," he said.)


  1. Looks like Vitrenko may not make it after all !!

    As an outsider, I would hypothesize that it would be tough for Yush and Yanu to form a coalition. Aside from the issue of egos, I would think that Yanu is simply not interested in behaving in a civil manner when running the government. He is under the Russian cloud and probably feels cheated anyways, and feels self-righteously that he has been vindicated.

    Such a coalition will be short lived, IMO

    Could it be that Yush is just "shopping" around to soften Yul's demands? A good compromise might be to leave economic-financial matters to Yush, and Yul can tackle the social and labor matters. At least they don't have to worry about political matters, like they had to existentially do 2 years ago.

    The key is market reform. It is impossible to eradicate corruption without opening up the markets. Yush knows this. Does Yul have the vision for this? -nona

  2. I'm sure Mr. Putin had something else on his calendar that day -- picking up an extra gallon of milk or something for the wife. Maybe putting that new seat on the toilet. Whatever.

  3. Vitrenko may lose by an iota. What is worrisome is that Luhansk and Zapori are way behind in counting. You want to bet that she is there with her goons trying to force a few extra ballots in that box?

    She may be as short as only 3,000 votes. -nona