Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ha-ha, today's Victor Yushchenko's Day on Khreshchatyk - or should I say Yuri Yekhanurov's? Our Ukraine's Day.

They probably have some schedule somewhere, but I really like not knowing - and then I just look out of the window in the morning and, well, know. (Maybe they announce it on TV - but, as I said earlier, the last time I watched TV for more than a couple minutes was last year.)

I hope to have more pictures later - hope it won't rain/snow like yesterday.


  1. Hey Neeka, It was 80F here in DC yesterday. I know is should still be cold , I am not going to run the good weather off. I will be in Uzhgorod on the 21st for 10 days. Another election ,got to love it.

  2. Hi Neeka,
    Will be arriving in Kyiv on 3/21 to act as election observer - wanted to know if I could bring books?