Thursday, March 02, 2006

Absolutely amazing photos from an Armenian village Noratuz on Lake Sevan - here...

Other photos on that site are as wonderful, but I haven't looked at them all yet.


A little bit more about the crosses - khachkars - here.


  1. All i can say is WOW!

    I only know 2 Armenians, one has an amazing sense of humour, the other i don't know directly, but he left his fortune to make a foundation in Portugal, Gulbenkian.

    I feel indebted to Armenia, and these photos, i knew they have a very old history, but nothing beats a good photograph, except perhaps seeing it firsthand.


  2. These are great photos. Thank you..

  3. Marvelous pictures, the gravestones, I assume that's what some of these things are, remind me very much of stecci (stecak singular) a type of tomb used in Bosnia-Hercegovina at one time. Those are fantastic pictures!

  4. The similarity of the gravestones most probably comes from influence of the armenian Paulician heresy of on the heresy of Bogomilism. In the 10th century Byzantian armenian emperor John Tzimisces transplanted huge community of armenian Paulicians to what is now Bulgaria. At the same time very similar heresy named Bogomilism appeared in there. From the late 12th century to the Ottoman invasion in 1463, Bogomilism (under the name of Patarenism or Bosnian Church) was the official version of Christianity in Bosnia, opposing the influence of neighboring Catholic Hungary and Orthodox Serbia.

    Paulicians, Bogomils and Patarenes are also known as Cathars, Waldenses, Anabaptists, Strigolnik[i], Molokan[e] and Doukhobor[y]

    More on and and

    -- Mishah

  5. Great photos of the crosses, people and in other entries your daughter.

    Could I ask you - I am traveling to Ukraine soon and need to purchase clothes for two girls - ages 6 and 9 - what are popular colors for girls in jackets, tops, sweaters...? Thank you.