Monday, February 27, 2006

I've posted 47 photos Yulia Tymoshenko's day on Khreshchatyk today/yesterday.

I'll try to add a few more things to this post tomorrow.


I went out for a walk with Marta and was quite shocked to see the scale of Tymoshenko's campaign event - Khreshchatyk was completely hers.

I started taking pictures, and five minutes later a man came up to me and told me to move over to the sidewalk as there'd be cars driving here. As I stepped away, Tymoshenko arrived in a black Mercedes, accompanied by two jeeps. Miraculously - and very conveniently - my mother-in-law and her friend ran into me, so I passed Marta in the stroller to them and spent some time walking around on my own, taking pictures. Ran into the man I met during the 2004 Maidan - he was one of the guys blockading the presidential administration. It was very strange to see him, strange that he recognized me and even stranger that I recognized him. I ended up forgetting to take a picture of Marta in the stroller and all this craziness in the background...


One month before the election, Tymoshenko's focus is on spring and the feminine: "Spring Will Win" is the current slogan; during her brief address, she spoke of March 8 (International Women's Day). Also, Lent was mentioned, and Maslyanitsa, and free pancakes were being made by girls wearing Tymoshenko's scarves, and there was a line to get them. And people basically fought each other to get all those hats, scarves and ribbons with Tymoshenko's logo for free.

And Tymoshenko was presented with an incredibly beautiful shawl - if they were giving those away, instead of some silly campaign stuff, I'd probably even vote for Yulia!..


  1. One day I was thinking about Timoshenko's campaign slogan - "Spring Will Win". Beautiful words, but might be (and are) absolutely meaningless, in case if on elections day and afterwards it will be heavy snowing and minus zero degrees around Ukraine...

  2. In the last photo, she looks like some high priestess or prophet, adressing her followers.
    I know very little of her political views or business qualities but she does have style :)

    If Lenin looked like this, Communism would have conquered the planet.

    I don't have much (or any regard), for most of politicians in my country, hope a "Tymoshenko" version shows up to brighten up the political scene around here. been kinda boring for the last century.

  3. Augusto, I agree with you on some points, but if to add some efficiencies to her beauty, Timoshenko would be just adorable. Otherwise, she is good for nothing, in my opinion.

    And you know what happened then after Lenin set up Soviet Union...

  4. It's interesting that she steers clear of the orange brand, even though Yulka is "entitled" to orange aas much as Yushch.