Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The comment section to this entry is pretty polluted by now, so I'll post this here:

If these guys could do what they did to a fellow soldier, imagine what they might've done to a prisoner.


Andrei Sychev's condition has deteriorated, and he may not survive (via Gazeta.ru, in Russian).


  1. I had read the article about this event in www.mosnews.com , and to be honest this hazing is nothing new (to this extent is shocking)

    For me, whoever is involved in it, other soldiers,officers, generals, if they know about this and do nothing, they are nothing but criminals themselves.

    It's that never-ending story, of
    Corruption <----> Criminality.

    Perhaps the individuals who did this are descendants from some sick people from the times of Stalin or earlier.

    Just disgusting.

  2. Interesting what you said on the original post, and the vehement response to it, because I also had similar thoughts. I of course condemn torture in any circumstance (and was vehemently opposed to the Iraq war from the beginning), but it seems like it would require an even deeper level of stupidity, sadism and depravity to torture not an enemy in wartime, but one of your own soldiers at a military academy.

    Seems like something this grotesque had to happen to really spark a public outcry against hazing in the Russian military. Now everyone's talking about it.

  3. I feel for Andrei and his family. I hope that the soilders responsible are brought to trial as well as their commanding officers, though I don't know if this would change anything.

  4. can someone in russia let us know if Andrei is still alive ?
    there is no news of him....

    Andrei Sychev, 2006-

    from JHH Australia