Thursday, October 20, 2005

This fall has been a blessing, except for a few days of the smog. Almost no rains, very sunny and happy. Smog seemed to have turned into clouds a few days ago and got washed away with the rain. It's sunny again, though not very warm anymore.

Here're two photos of an Orthodox church near where we live that I took during my today's walk:


  1. Is this the church by Nikitskie Vorota? I remember taking some pictures of its dome in shadow on the adjacent building from last Feb. Now that I'm away from Moscow, it's so nice to see your pictures - especially ones like the Shaurma stand in Tsaritsyno - it takes me back for a moment to a nice place in my memory.

  2. Thank you, Lyndon!

    The church is in the tiny pereulok that connects Tverskoy Boulevard with Bolshaya Bronnaya - Bogoslovsky Pereulok I think it's called.