Sunday, September 18, 2005

A month and a half ago I was missing Lithuania - and now it's Latvia's turn!..

On Friday, Stefan at Dykun posted a short entry on Riga, the way it is now and the way it must've been in the past, and it brought all kinds of childhood memories, and I shared some of them in the comments section to that post...

Today, Stefan has begun posting pictures of Riga - thanks!!!


  1. Greetings Neeka,

    You are welcome for the pics (and I will be posting more as soon as I finish writing this), and thank you for the highlight to my blog. . .

    You mentioned that you will probably name your daughter Marta, and I just wanted to mention that we almost named our little one Marta, too, which is indeed a quite Latvian name, and a more rare Ukrainian one. And it seems to me that you are right about it being a more typically diaspora/w. Ukrainian name; there are three "Ukes" that I more or less grew up with, and we all say that there are these 4 ladies that raised us together, " the moms," including my mother (Lida), and one of whom is a Marta (the other two are Lesja and Oksana).

    Zinta says that ''Marta" is a common old woman's name and thus has been considered old fashion, but it is now coming back in fashion in Latvia. One of her distant cousins with whom we are great friends here named her 2 yr old daughter Marta. . .and now perhaps Marta will become fashionable for Ukrainians, as you will set the example. . .

    I forget, how many months are you along?

    09.19.05 - 12:33 am

  2. 29-30 weeks - and we don't know yet if it's a girl or a boy. I'd like to know, but the ultrasound person couldn't say for sure...

    My other very, very favorite Ukrainian name is Orysia (and Ulyana, and Yaryna, too!) - but I guess I'll have to save them for the time I start writing fiction again...


    09.19.05 - 12:45 am