Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Leonid Kravchuk, Ukraine's first president and head of the SDPU(o) parliament faction, claims that Yushchenko received at least $15 million for his 2004 campaign from Boris Berezovsky, and that if this is proved to be true, there'll be grounds to begin the impeachment procedure. Assholes, every single one of them.

Update: My head isn't working properly now, not in the direction of Ukrainian politics anyway, but Mishah says Berezovsky (read: Tymoshenko) is blackmailing Yushchenko. In his Ukrainska Pravda interview (in Ukrainian), Berezovsky said this:

I did indeed speak with Leonid Makarovych [Kravchuk] and I told him that yes, our companies had made the payments, but I did not say the money was contributed to Yushchenko (election) campaign, to his people, say, Zhvania, Tretyakov, etc. [...]

I confirmed the fact of the payments having been made, but I said I wouldn't comment on this until he (Yushchenko) comments first, if he feels like it, or until his people provide their comment."

Mishah says that without Berezovsky's confirmation, it'd be impossible to prove that the money was meant for the campaign; it also means that if Berezovsky decided to admit his involvement, Yushchenko might get impeached. (Or imoranged, remember?..)

I asked where the blackmail was here and what kind of answer Berezovsky wanted to hear, and Mishah said that perhaps Berezovsky knew something about Tymoshenko that Yushchenko also knew - something that could potentially drown her, and this was Berezovsky's warning to Yushchenko not to reveal this info or whatever it was.

Some conspiracy theory.

Meanwhile, Yushchenko's man David Zhvania said Berezovsky had given money to Tymoshenko, not Yushchenko.

Berezovsky denies it.

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