Thursday, September 15, 2005

Here's a little Photoshop thingy one of my dear Kyiv friends sent me last week:

Tymoshenko, Zinchenko, Tomenko, Poroshenko: Looking for a job; if possible, in the city center (near a subway stop)

Today, this same dear friend wrote me:

Are you following these stupid events taking place here? I think we're making the whole Europe laugh!

Basically, we Ukrainians are having fun making fun of ourselves and then we worry about being Europe's laughing stock...

(This entry has been partially inspired by Dan McMinn's The Men-on-the-Street View.)


  1. Yes and Ukrainians will be laughing and singing all the way to freedom.

    Everytime we laugh at Yush or snicker at Tymo it is one less time that a Kremlin lackey or a splinter party yokel gets publicity.

    Whats the downside of a Yushchenko loss? Not much now! We'll take Tymo anytime.

    Welcome to the birth of the 2 party system - one that has insured vitality in every successful country - and which also means the passing of the era of Kremlin rule.

    09.16.05 - 3:11 am

  2. I've seen recently a picture of Poroshenko smiling and I couldn't believe my eyes... he's got gold teeth. I always knew that this kind of jewellery is (or maybe was?) popular in former USSR countries, but I would never think that among guys of his position as well....

    09.18.05 - 1:43 am