Sunday, August 14, 2005

Victor Yushchenko is vacationing in Georgia (here's also an AP story on it by a Georgian man named Misha DZHINDZHIKHASHVILI... what a spelling...) - and Mishah and I spent this Saturday afternoon eating absolutely delicious Georgian food at a rooftop terrace of a Garden Ring building where painter friends of our friends have a studio. We were celebrating our friends' return from a monthlong vacation in Georgia, I guess...

I drank Borjomi mineral water, Mishah drank very good Georgian white wine, and there were also a few bottles of Nemiroff vodka, a popular Ukrainian brand, standing around. Here's a very cheesy picture of a jar of Georgian wine next to our gorilka...

Two more pictures:

The flag is Norwegian, for some reason, not Georgian... (Update: it's not a Norwegian flag, either - it's Icelandic! Sorry for the confusion and thanks for a correction!)


  1. Actually, the flag is Icelandic.

    08.13.05 - 11:51 pm

  2. I'm sorry, it really is not a Norwegian flag!.. Thanks, MPC! :-)

    08.14.05 - 1:01 am