Saturday, August 27, 2005

A lot more stuff on my photo page - pictures from our trip to Turkey (June 20 - July 3) - way too many of them, as usual...

- A bus/ferry trip from Istanbul to Ayvacik (17 photos):

- Kayalar, the village we stayed in - or, to be more precise, we stayed above the village and walked through it on our way to the beach. Very friendly people, amazing air, we wish we had a house there... (27 photos):

- Lesbos, just across a little gulf from us (3 photos):

- Assos - as anywhere else in Turkey, there's lots of history and lots of life here (23 photos):

- Ayvacik, a town nearby, the final destination of our bus from Istanbul, a place to buy groceries - and a site of an awesome Friday market (16 photos):

- Friday market in Ayvacik (20 photos):

- Kucukkuyu - I keep misspelling some of the names and words because I don't know how to make those Turkish umlauts work here... Here, can any of you read it like this: Küçükkuyu?

Küçükkuyu is another place we drove to to buy stuff and eat (28 photos):

- An antiques market near Edremit, not in Küçükkuyu, as I wrote earlier: Mishah has corrected me (6 photos):

- Neighboring villages, etc. (18 photos):


  1. In answer to your ques. I read the Turkish umlauts fine - but I think that will depend on each reader's encoding.

    Awesome pictures, drool - any plans of publishing a coffee table book - Life in pictures of ...? or doing a site with just photographs? like "Reggie Net In Search of Beauty" -

    You do have the skill and the natural born God given talent.

    In terms of loading time - have you considered res-sizing them?

    08.28.05 - 6:44 pm

  2. oops, I forgot - I want to see your photos - copy protected in future, okay?

    08.28.05 - 6:46 pm

  3. Thank you so much, Hello!

    A book requires self-discipline, tons of it... But - just thinking of a possibility of ever doing a book is a terrific source of motivation... Hopefully, one day...

    08.29.05 - 12:29 pm