Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I've just changed the template because the blog looked real bad on some browsers - I've known that for a long time, actually, I've seen what it looks like myself, from a computer in Istanbul, and was quite horrified, but thank you so much, Don, for reminding me again - and I apologize to everyone who had to struggle through this ugliness!

Man, it was scary, to push the Republish button...

So now it'll take a while before I get the links back and fix the rest of the stuff... Sorry!


P.S. I know this is not related to the change of the template - but I'm so technologically-challenged that when things begin to go wrong, I always feel it's some kind of conspiracy: two minutes ago, the TV suddenly went static, every single channel, and a moment later I heard Mishah cursing in the shower - turns out the water disappeared, too, at the very same moment... Almost disappeared. Now I've asked him to please grind the coffee beans real quick, before electricity disappears, too... And Mishah has asked me to see if has anything on this chain of little disasters, a terrorist act or something, but there's nothing, of course.

Update: The elevator's not working. Water, TV and elevator. But the electricity's there.

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