Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Abdymok sums it up nicely:

100 days later

the president and his top national security advisor are talking about a "conspiracy" involving unnamed individuals to descredit justice minister roman zvarych, who lied for more than a decade about graduating from columbia university.

two police officers have confessed to murdering journalist georgy gongadze. they are in jail, but no one knows the names of their lawyers, when - or if - the case will go to trial.

there has been little or no progress in the tapegate, feldmangate, and other related -gate investigations.

the dollar has been devaluated, gasoline is hard to find, etc.

weather has gotten a lot better. warm, sunny days.

But an evil Soviet in me keeps whispering: It could've been much, much worse...

I'm going to Kyiv tomorrow night, for a very brief visit.

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