Wednesday, April 13, 2005

RTR mentioned Tymoshenko's postponed visit to Moscow right after their story on Ustinov's second-term confirmation as the prosecutor general - but there was not a word about Ustinov's remarks on Tymoshenko: they just showed Russian foreign minister Lavrov confirming that Tymoshenko had to sort out problems caused by shortage of gas and the approach of the spring sowing before she could come to Russia., however, seems to have had a slow news day today and came up with a more edgy (and badly written) reaction - [Yulia Tymoshenko] Hasn't Showed Up for Interrogation:

In a way, Tymoshenko's actions can be considered posturing. The thing is, beginning from Victor Yushchenko's election as president and his first visit to Moscow in January, Moscow has been declaring, at different levels, that Tymoshenko would be safe if she came to Moscow. Even prosecutor general Ustinov talked about it on Feb. 15. "Tymoshenko may come to Russia without any worries, if she wants, because she has got the immunity," he said in February. In any case, the loudest political scandal has taken place today in the relations of the two countries ever since Victor Yushchenko's team came to power.

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