Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Latvian film student is shooting a documentary on two Latvian R.E.M. fans - aged 40-something and 19.

Eriks is in his 40’s and has been listening to R.E.M. since he attended college, associating the music with the rebellious years of his youth and the tremendous changes in the world, particularly the collapse of the Soviet Union and freedom of his home country. Agnija is 19 years old and has grown up enjoying music & pop culture. She is currently studying to be a music journalist and represents the newest generation of R.E.M. fans.

The trailer is here (thanks for the link, Jens!).


I remember how I first heard Losing My Religion - in spring 1991, after a group of my high school classmates returned from a week or so in the States, bringing a brand new R.E.M. tape with them. What I remember even better about that time, though, is how obnoxious some of those classmates became after their trip: they refused to set their watches back to the local time, in order to be able to come up to each other every once in a while, loudly asking for time - and then responding as loudly, in EST, not the Kyiv time... It was annoying but I guess it was also making me somewhat jealous - and that's why I remember it so well.

Anyway, this year R.E.M. was supposed to play in St. Pete - but they failed to break through the Soviet red tape...

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