Saturday, March 05, 2005

One of the "minimemories" from Abdymok:

“i was satisfied with his performance as a minister in my government,” yushchenko said.“he is a man of military honor. he has his faults like the rest of us, but he was an effective member of my government, with clear, positive principles, which i respect.”

- former prime minister viktor yushchenko on kravchenko after kuchma appointed him kherson governor on nov. 30, 2001.

And here's Yuri Lutsenko's reaction to Kravchenko's appointment (Ukrainska Pravda, Dec. 1, 2001):

To be honest, this appointment sucks. On behalf of the committee "For Ukraine Without Kuchma" I'd like to warn journalists of Kherson region against walking outside on their own and against approaching the places of dislocation of the new governor's eagles. We sympathize with the people of Kherson region and hope they'll be able to survive this. [...]

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