Friday, March 04, 2005

Mikhail Brodsky said today (via

Judging by Melnychenko's recordings - and I completely believe in these recordings' authenticity - Volodymyr Lytvyn [parliamentary speaker] is the only one left to have witnessed the process of ordering and organizing Gongadze's murder. [...] His access to this information may present a significant problem to those who ordered the murder. That's why we have all the reasons to fear for his life.

Volodymyr Lytvyn said yesterday (via

If I were feeling responsible [for Gongadze's murder] - I would no longer be in Ukraine. also reports that Kuchma is planning to return to Ukraine on Sunday, March 6. He is currently in the Czech Republic.

When asked if there's something for Kuchma to fear now, transportation minister Yevhen Chervonenko replied (via Ukrainska Pravda):

Maybe there is.

Chervonenko also said this:

I know him [Kuchma] well enough. What he's living through now is life at his own funeral.

[...] People close enough to Kuchma are leaving life with the last argument - a gun.

[...] I used to warn Kuchma - why was he building this system?

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