Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Connard's back from Argentina and is complaining about Kyiv's tap water.

As I may have bitched about before, the water in this city really sucks. It's not even close to potable. Besides being riddled with bacteria, there's tons of particles and debris in it. Pipes (not drainage pipes either) frequently clog just from the crap that's in the water and you have to clean them out regularly. It's not very rare when I'll turn a faucet on and the water will run brown for a couple of minutes before it turns relatively clear.

I couldn't resist leaving a comment: compared to St. Pete, Kyiv's water is perfect.

And Moscow's water is perfect, too. One perfect thing about water in Kyiv and Moscow is that it doesn't smell: no smell at all compared to St. Pete's water.

Here's a picture I took at our St. Pete apartment Sept. 25, 2003:

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