Saturday, March 05, 2005

According to (via Channel 1+1), forensic experts who've had a look at Kravchenko's body consider each of the two wounds potentially lethal. One bullet entered through the chin and came out somewhere around the nose; the other one entered through the temple and came out at the back of the head.

With wounds like these, the victim would hardly be able to move.


Some unnamed sources told Ukrainska Pravda that in his note Kravchenko did not admit responsibility for Gongadze's murder. He called himself "a victim of Kuchma's political adventurism" - or something like that.

According to (via Interfax), Kravchenko "justified his [suicide] by his desire to protect his family and people close to him from harassment."


According to (via Channel 1+1), Kuchma is returning to Ukraine March 5 (today/tomorrow). He intends to testify at the Prosecutor General's office.

Kuchma said:

"...not many people would've been able to bear the crazy pressure [Kravchenko had been subjected to lately]. [...] I knew him well. He would've never given that criminal order [to kill Gongadze].

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