Friday, February 04, 2005

They were supposed to vote for Tymoshenko at 10 am, but then postponed it again, till noon Kyiv time (right now)...


Ukrainska Pravda people are obviously having fun writing their headlines. Here's one (in Ukrainian):

Bogatyryova Turns Orange

Raisa Bogatyryova is the leader of Yanukovych's Regions of Ukraine parliament faction. My first thought on reading the headline was: Wouldn't it be fun if the U.S. Democrats switched to being Republican right after the victory of a Republican presidential candidate, and then switched back to being Democrats when the next election drew close?

But that's not the story with Bogatyryova, despite the headline. The story is that she showed up at the parliament wearing an orange ("hot yellow") suit today, pleasing Yushchenko's Our Ukraine guys immensely...


Okay, NTV has just reported that Yushchenko and Tymoshenko are in the parliament now, at last...

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