Sunday, February 06, 2005

A disclaimer, sort of:

After I posted the survey results in the previous entry, Mishah pointed out that the Public Opinion Fund cooperates with Gleb Pavlovskiy's Effective Politics Fund. This has to be taken into account when considering the data they provide.

Gleb Pavlovskiy is all over the place both here and in Ukraine. Born March 5, 1951, in "Odessa (USSR)," he's currently the director of the Effective Politics Fund, the editor-in-chief and publisher of the Russian Journal, the director of the Russian Institute, the Higher School of Economics professor, and the advisor to the head of the Russian President's Administration.

Formerly a renegade Soviet dissident, Pavlovskiy is now a "political technologist" credited with "having created Putin." He's also played a leading role in "creating" Yanukovych. In a Feb. 4 interview with Lvivska Gazeta (in Ukrainian), Pavlovskiy said this:

Mr. Poroshenko had personally and straightforwardly made commercial proposals to me regarding my cooperation with Yushchenko's team. But I refused because these proposals were creating a conflict of interest. Also, to work with Our Ukraine [Yushchenko's bloc] was not profitable commercially.

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