Saturday, January 08, 2005

We're back from Istanbul but my head's still on vacation, so no writing for now, maybe some more Istanbul pictures tomorrow. Also, we're leaving for St. Pete Sunday morning, and I won't be here in Kyiv for the inauguration or any other more or less significant events, and I've no idea which direction this diary is gonna take. Maybe I'll write about Kyiv retrospectively, or about Istanbul, or I'll finally read all of the stuff they were writing about the revolution and then comment on some of it, or perhaps I'll read some fiction again, after a very long break, and then write about it. Or maybe I'll write some fiction myself, finally, and won't be posting anything here at all. One thing I know for sure is that I really miss writing now, even though my head is somewhere else.

My very warmest wishes to everyone,


  1. please, post again. It´s Ukraine that matters now. It´s about Europe, the future of Europe. And about Turkey too. Happy new year from Germany.

  2. hello neeka..
    in the past six weeks I have come to appreciate your personal/political/artisitic sensibilities. first rate.. as an american just back from my first visit overseas .. to my wife's indonesia.. I can more fully value a world, often very troubled, but very much worth the trouble to share and learn from. thank you for giving your view of another distant, distinguished land.

  3. Anything you post here will be highly appreciated. I like reading about what life is like on the other side of the world from someone who is actually living it.

    Reflections in d minor