Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Turns out I have a bunch of unposted photos left over from Dec. 25 and the Election Day #3.

Also, there are some more from the night at Yushchenko's HQ - but I'll post those later (two from that series have been up for over two weeks - my favorite is, of course, of Yulia Tymoshenko, and this comment from fotopages is also one of my favorites:

Great pictures, both of them. you've caught the intercation in the first and, the expression in the second. The light falling on the girl's face focusses attention there.

The girl's 44!..

And here's the most recent comment - very sweet:

Dear Neeka:

The photos of the streets of Kiev, empty of people, but evidencing the small mementoes of orange, are wonderful. I was reading a Kievan's account of the revolution and he mentioned that his 3 year old daughter no longer calls orange "pomaranche" or "orangeve" but instead that color is now "yushchenko" as in "I'm drawing with the following crayons: blue, red, yellow, and yushchenko."

happy new year,

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