Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Taras Kuzio's piece on whether Smeshko deserves all the credit for saving Ukraine that the New York Times has given him, in the Jamestown Foundation's Eurasia Daily Monitor.

I strongly agree with Kuzio's very obvious conclusion:

The credit for this should go to Yushchenko and Ukraine's Orange Revolution protestors who practiced non-violence.

But I couldn't concentrate on the piece well enough after reading this, four paragraphs down the piece:

Nevertheless, four factors work against the New York Times expose's ability to improve the image of SBU chief Ihor Smeshko. Already allegations have been raised that the article was merely a public relations exercise for Smeshko (oligarch.net, January 20).

Oligarch.net? What kind of source is that? I followed the link and found myself at some weird, obscure place, which had nothing to do with Ukraine.

Maybe it's a typo - or maybe it's the SBU taking revenge on Kuzio.

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