Friday, January 14, 2005

A series of nine photos of Roza Yusupova, head of the finance department of the Culture Ministry of Chechnya, at BBC's In Pictures section.

It's too horrible to imagine what she and her family and others like her have been through this past decade.

And it's as horrible to catch myself thinking that way too many people outside Chechnya live in similar conditions or even worse - this woman's salary of $270 a month would be considered a fortune by many... All those elderly people rallying all over Russia, I read somewhere that in addition to their miserable pensions they are now receiving 200 rubles a month, which is something like $7, to pay for transportation that used to be free for them...

On the photo below (I couldn't find the photographer's name), Roza Yusupova is standing in front of what used to be her home - and there's also something called Kafeteriy Skazka behind her, Fairy Tale Cafeteria...

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  1. I was very moved when I heard Dr. Khassan Baiev speak about his book 'The Oath'. I raced through the book and was riveted by how anyone can survive through such horrors. On my blog, I put a link to the children of Chechnya organization which he started.

    I think children are the most tragic of all the victims of war. They must endure the traumas for their whole life!