Sunday, January 23, 2005

An interview with Yulia Tymoshenko on ORT (Russian Channel 1) - she kicks ass. The interview and the story around it aren't as biased as they could've been.

Everything would appear differently, though, should Yushchenko dump Yulia in favor of Poroshenko: she spoke of that coalition agreement with Yushchenko, based on which she's supposed to become the prime minister, and if Yushchenko doesn't keep his word, ORT and others in Russia might then be using the footage of sweet and agreeable Yulia to emphasize what a traitor Yushchenko is.


  1. Tymoshenko scares me, as I keep wondering what volcanic eruptions will come out of her, should she not get the PM post. But I can't stop thinking that it is her own fault - she brings alot of baggage (father in law made $2b, support from extremist groups, ...) as well as her unfortunate inability to monitor what she says - her quotes are the stuff of legends. She definitely deserves a really big post in the Cabinet and it will greatly benefit from her being there but she does not have the finesse and diplomacy, as yet, for the PM position. I hope that she is able to curb her ambitions. Power behind the throne can be really fab. Though, at the same time I suspect the kindly report by the Russian news - are they setting her up as the wronged woman? Or maybe the reason why Yushchenko has not announced his cabinet, is because he will be putting her forward and is keeping it on a need-to-know basis, which is understandable. Snakes, ladders and chutes on a deadly serious gameboard.

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