Sunday, January 16, 2005

How sad: I'm stuck at home with a toothache AND a cold (yes, again...), and at the intersection of Nevskiy and Sadovaya the protesters have just set up five orange toy tents, which, they say, "symbolize the arrival of the 'orange revolution' to St. Petersburg" (according to the Interfax, Radio Ekho Moskvy and, in Russian).

I wish I could go there to take a picture but I can't, really, even though it's just a 15-minute walk... I wish I could find out the reaction of the two women I accidentally alienated yesterday... I wish I had been there when it happened...

I doubt it'll last till tomorrow - the tents are on the tram tracks. Of course, Sadovaya near Nevskiy is sort of useless anyway, because it's so terribly jammed all the time, but that wouldn't justify an 'orange revolution' to the authorities... The police, however, say they aren't going to do anything about the protest until they get orders (one thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that the cops seemed very friendly, talking to people, smiling and retelling to them the latest news from the other protest venue).

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