Wednesday, December 08, 2004

PORA has announced that "it is TIME for classes" now!

Students accomplished a lot and they are ready to accomplish even more for the defense of Ukrainian democracy. And now we have period of exams, and that is why, after fulfillment of our civic duty, we say: ”It is TIME for classes”!

And we want everybody to be aware– Ukrainian students are prepared any moment to stand up for the defense of the justice and people’s rights!

Last week, I was told that Kyiv-Mohyla University students had been forced to return to classes part-time as early as last Wednesday, when their university's president decided they could support the pro-democracy movement in the afternoons and study in the mornings. Many didn't like this arrangement and signed a petition, asking university officials to make up their minds: it's either striking or studying, not both. I don't know how it ended.

On a different note, Kyiv-Mohyla University is starting the Museum of the Orange Revolution. Anyone can donate documents, posters, slogans, photos, etc. by taking them to the University's Korpus 3, Room 110. My student friend Tanya spent part of this past Sunday interviewing people from the Khreshchatyk tents, collecting folklore: the most memorable bits came from a guy reciting passionate poems about Kuchma's evil regime, and from a woman who had composed an anthem of the Tent City, somewhat too long but poignant and sincere nonetheless.

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