Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The parliament has adopted a package of electoral and constitutional changes today: 402 voted for the package, 21 voted against, and 19 abstained. Kuchma has signed it.

The only deputy from Yulia Tymoshenko's Bloc who voted for the package was Anatoliy Matviyenko; 78 deputies from Yushchenko's Our Ukriane bloc also voted in favor of the package; Victor Yushchenko did not vote, even though he was present in the parliament - according to Ukrainska Pravda, Yulia Tymoshenko said: "The only thing I've achieved is that Victor Andriyovych [Yushchenko] did not vote for the package."

She also said that this has been "an impressive victory of Leonid Kuchma" and that she was going to appeal at the Constitutional Court the adoption of the political reform. She said she had no doubts about Yushchenko's victory in the Dec. 26 re-vote because of the changes that have occurred in the society - "even if the election law and the Central Election Commission remained unchanged."

The parliament did vote for the new Central Election Commission: Kivalov's gone; Olena Lukash, the lawyer who represented the Yanukovych side too emotionally at the outset of the Supreme Court proceedings last week, has been voted out, too; many others remain, including Okhendovsky, who was representing the Yanukovych side in the Supreme Court for the last few days.

Vasilyev, the prosecutor-general, has decided to resign and Kuchma doesn't seem to mind it.

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