Wednesday, December 01, 2004

"Militsiya z narodom!" - "The police are with the people!" - is one of those ubiquitous slogans now.

Today, I heard two more, both directed at the police/riot police and chanted to the same beat as "My razom, nas bahato, i nas ne podolaty!" - "We're together, there're many of us, and we cannot be defeated!" (or, "The People, United, Will never be defeated!" - Ms. Dunning, thank you so much for letting me know about the English version!):

"My razom, nas bahato, a z vamy bude bilshe!" - "We're together, there're many of us - and with you, there'll be even more!"


"Idit' pohriytes, a my za vas postoyim!" - "Go and get warm, and we'll stand here for you!"

This last one is so charming! The cops were smiling when the crowd was shouting this... Most of them are as young as the protesters, you know, and they are Ukrainians, too...


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  2. Wow!

    "Go and get warm, and we'll stand here for you!"

    This is so beautiful! I'm from Montréal, Québec (Canada) and I've never heard such a thing from a crowd. It is... tellement slave! It's raining here, there's mashed snow all over the place and poodles of gooish, almost freezed water. I often think, in my anonymous, predictable life that it is about the same temperature in Kyiv, a bit colder probably because it is a bit northern. And that people there have stop living their own predictable life in the hope of something better. It is inspiring. Very.

    Thank you.