Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm feeling too miserable now.

Mishah has finally come here for a vacation, but as soon as he arrived, he went down with a severe cold.

He's brought me another camera, a Panasonic DMC-LC5, but I can't figure out how to download pictures from it to my PC - I doubt I have the right software. I never know how stuff works. All I know is how to break everything. You know how people always want their children to be what they themselves are not? If I ever have a child, I hope he/she is not gonna be as dumb with all the equipment as I am. I'm hopeless.

PORA is dismantling the tents by the presidential administration tomorrow, at noon. I wanted to go there and take pictures. Now I'm not as eager. The Khreshchatyk tents are now really picturesque, too, after a bunch of local painters spent some time playing there - and I wanted to photograph that as well. Finally, there's gonna be a rally at Maidan at 5 pm - it'd be too dark for the pictures then, but right now such a reasonable observation isn't making me feel better.

Perhaps I should stop whining. I can always stop by at an internet cafe and ask them to download the pictures on a CD-R for me. Yes, this is what I'm probably gonna do tomorrow. Or maybe I'll figure out how to deal with it at home.

I hope Mishah gets well soon.


  1. Good luck with the election! Have a great holiday! This website might be of help. You can download manuals and get support.


  2. Veronica, I truly hope that Misha and yourself, feel much better soon and I hope that you will continue to blog from Istanbul or we will miss you terribly! Best wishes!!!

  3. Neeka, stop whining! (Just kidding.)

    Plug the cable that came with your new camera into the USB port on the side of your computer. Turn on the camera. If you're lucky, something will pop up, but don't worry if it doesn't.

    Now, just treat the camera as if it is another disk drive or folder. I can't remember the details on a Mac, but if you are using a PC, double-click on "My computer" and locate the new drive, which might be "D" or "E" and double-click on it.

    Now you can just copy pictures from that folder over to your My Pictures folder, or wherever.

    Then, after you are sure they are transferred, delete them, and head down to Maidan.