Friday, December 17, 2004

If you read Russian and wish to cry, here's Valeriy Panyushkin's column on - about Nadya, a little girl dying of leukosis.

Panyushkin's earlier story about Nadya in Kommersant helped fundraise hundreds of thousands of dollars - five times the amount they needed - to buy medicines for Nadya and other kids at that hospital. Those other kids are getting better; Nadya is not.

Right now she needs blood, lots of blood of the rarest type: AB (IV) Rh-negative. Of the approximately 1,500 donors registered with that children's hospital, only five have this blood type, and they've already donated more than they could.

Panyushkin is asking everyone with AB (IV) Rh-negative blood type willing to become Nadya's donors to send an email to this address - nadindonor[at] - and leave your names and phone numbers.

This, I assume, applies only to people living in Moscow - though I may be wrong...

My own blood type is AB (IV) Rh-positive, not negative...

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