Monday, December 13, 2004

I wasn't really following Romania's presidential election, but on the day our orange crowd merged with the blue ones by the cabinet of ministers, I was told by a Romanian journalist that their campaign colors were the same as ours: the opposition is orange, the current prime minister is blue-and-white. According to (in Russian), the word written on the opposition's posters is "DA" - which is "Yes" in Romanian (and similar to Yushchenko's "Tak" - "Yes" in Ukrainian), but is also an abbreviation for Truth and Justice (the name of the alliance led by Traian Basescu, the opposition candidate).

It looks like Basecsu will be the winner - and even though I wasn't really following, I'm glad: not because of all the similarities, but mainly because the Romanians I met at the beginning of our protests said Kyiv today reminded them of 1989 in Romania - only it ended with too much blood 15 years ago.

I hope it stays peaceful this time.

P.S. Yes, Basescu is the winner!

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