Sunday, December 19, 2004

Hryhoriy Omelchenko, MP and a security service officer, has just finished speaking live on Era TV.

He switched into Russian so that President Putin and the commander of the Russian forces based in Sevastopol understood him without translation tomorrow, when they receive the footage of his address.

Omelchenko alleges that weapons belonging to the Russian Black Sea Navy based in Sevastopol have been transferred to Donetsk in order to arm groups of men who would arrive in Kyiv Dec. 27 or 28 to incite violence.

Kuchma would then declare state of emergency, the election results would be cancelled and the new election would be postponed for as long as half a year, allowing Kuchma to stay in power until the recently adopted constitutional amendment comes into force.

Omelchenko has named the types of weapons available to the men in Donetsk but I, unfortunately, am not a weapons expert.

According to him, 30 groups have already been formed, each consisting of 30 men recently released from prisons as well as professionals in martial arts; each group is headed by a special forces fighter.

Everyone knows about the operation that is being planned - Putin, Kuchma, the Russian Navy guy, the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs people, etc. Yanukovych is sort of reluctant to proceed with the plan, but Akhmetov and Klyuyev, the guys who support Yanukovych financially and on whose money the weapons have been acquired, are forcing him to.

Omelchenko has asked Putin to order his men to stop selling weapons to Donetsk and to have the weapons already in Donetsk returned to Sevastopol, in order to avoid bloodshed.

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